Fuente de Vida

Our vision for Fuente de Vida is that each person who comes across this property will experience the joy of knowing the unstoppable, unfailing, unconditional, and unending love of Jesus Christ.

Location and Plans

Fuente De Vida is By Grace Alone Ministries’ 39 acre, fully owned property in the locality of Km 26 Sierra Prieta in North Santo Domingo. The property was named Fuente de Vida, Spanish for “Fountain of Life”, because the property sits on a natural spring that is being developed into a clean water source for the surrounding community. BGA’s long-term vision is to fully develop Fuente De Vida to provide safe place for people to share the love of Jesus Christ.

BGA partners with local and international churches as well as other groups to best serve the communities of North Santo Domingo. We determined to serve communities within a 20 miles radius of our property to best develop longstanding relationships with community members.


Upon consulting with community leaders and constituents, community members agreed that they would like to see Fuente de Vida become a community for and by the community; a safe place for people to share the love of Jesus Christ.


BGA will develop Fuente de Vida to provide

  • A church open to everyone where the gospel is shared and taught.
  • A medical facility where local medical providers as well as eye doctors and dentists donate.
  • A school for children to learn and advance their education to succeed in adulthood.
  • A basic sports complex for baseball, volleyball and basketball to provide children in the communities a safe meeting and teaching place.
  • A well to provide clean water where the people in the community can collect water for their families.
  • Nurturing homes with house moms and dads to care for orphaned children.

Renderings of Phase One

Church, Dorms, Medical Clinic and Baseball Field